New Media, Emerging Technology & Business

Day 1 Sessions

Launching Your Creative Business
Speaker: Amy DeLouise

Maybe you are just getting started as a freelancer. Or, you’re launching your creative business after a staff career. Running a creative business isn’t easy. You need to stay on top of your creative skills at the same time as managing clients, workflow, finances, and your own professional development. Learn from an entrepreneur who has run several creative companies on how to set up your business for success.

Shooting & Editing for Mobile Delivery

More video is watched over the web on mobile, tablet, and computer than on traditional broadcast channels. Over-the-web video requires a trained eye for production, and understanding of codec, bitrates, resolutions, and color management for optimizing media for mobile delivery, best practices, and equipment are all discussed in this Web Video Power Session. Learn the best way to use your camera, frame a shot, get the RIGHT audio, set up for graphics over the web, and deliver a fabulous product aimed at mobile, tablet, or computer delivery.

Social Media: What you Need to Know to Manage and Grow
Speaker: Ryan Walker
In this fast paced comprehensive seminar, learn key tips and tricks to immediately increase engagement, authentic following, conversion, and efficiency on social media platforms. From optimizations and algorithms, to investing your time effectively, Ryan Walker (CEO, TSMA Consulting) translates his decade of experience in the industry into actionable steps.
Creating YouTube Videos that Connect
Speaker: Valentina Vee

There is a hidden industry behind most of your favorite YouTube creators – teams of producers, directors, cinematographers, and editors who work exclusively on digital content. If you’ve ever wanted to join one of those content teams – this session is for you. We will break down what makes an effective YouTube video, from initial concept to final output. We will also cover shooting and editing tips to help your video stand out. This is a must for anybody interested in creating videos for YouTube or those who are already making videos but need some inspiration for how to make them more effective and shareable. 

Building your Personal Brand & Your Bottomline!
Speaker: Rhea Allen

You will not only gain a deep understanding of personal branding, you will learn how to create one and, more importantly, what it means to maintain and inhabit that personal brand. And how to make certain your personal brand is in alignment with the organization you work or want to work for or the company you want to create or have created.

Attendees’ takeaways:

  • Experience personal branding and what it means to BE their brand
  • Take steps to help unlock or uncover their passions, potentials and powers as a creative and unique person 
  • Tips in creating themselves on at least three social media platforms and express their brands with tools, tips and tactics to explore 
  • Create a brand essence statement for their personal brand to emulate often, a mantra, core values and strengths
  • Be exposed or learn more about the various personality or character traits and skills strengths assessments to further unpack the traits and capabilities they have
  • Learn about building “brand ambassadors” or “loyal fans” for their personal brand
  • Navigate their digital security and online (and off-line) reputation management
  • Gain insights, information and inspiration on how to maintain their brand using the latest trends and techniques to be their own “brand managers.” 

Join adjunct-professor, marketing expert, industry leader, and keynote speaker Rhea Allen as she provides this class based on her 16 years of experience as a President and CEO of an award winning creative and digital marketing/ ad agency that’s performed professional marketing and creative services all over the world. She will provide an authentic and supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to deeply reveal themselves in order to manifest a truly meaningful personal brand that effectively communicates their core values, principles and professional super powers. She is the host of the Marketing Expedition Podcast and not only the Co-founder of Peppershock Media, but also the founder of the Marketing Expedition Community, an on-line subscription based platform where members gain invaluable insights, the latest trends in marketing, chat support, ideas and inspiration for building brands and bottom lines. She has a distinct style in which she provides encouragement, coaching and feedback. She tends to promote a supportive environment and facilitates the creative process for all walks of life while participants pursue their goals of successful personal brand creation.

Video Compression Essentials for Social Media Delivery
Speaker: Abba Shapiro

Sharing video content for social media can be confusing. What is the best compression format? What’s the proper aspect ratio? Is my file too big? Is my video too long? What’s a wrapper? What is a CODEC? What’s the best CODEC? This session will help clarify some of the do’s and don’t’s of compressing video for Social media.

In this session you will learn:

  • The difference between a wrapper and a CODEC
  • What are the best compression codecs to give you the best looking video
  • Best practices when balancing file size vs. image quality
  • Strategies to deliver horizontal, vertical, and square versions of your video
  • The specific file requirements (size, length, codecs) for some of the most popular social media outlets, such as YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram.

Audience: Anyone needing to upload video for distribution through social media. Though information will apply to all editing platforms, Adobe Premiere pro will be used when showing export settings.

Producing Effective Screencasts
Speaker: Richard Harrington

Sharing the content of your screen has become a standard for both prerecorded and live video.  Whether you’re teaching software, giving a slide presentation, or hosting a business meeting this is a great technique. Rich Harrington has been producing screencasts for 20 years and clients incude Apple, Adobe, Microsoft, Skylum, and many more.

In this course, he offers practical advice for organizing, producing, and running a screencast or webinar that works with most hosting platforms. He explores choosing the right software tools and web cameras. Learn how to get the best video and sound from a computer screen.

Topics Include:

  • Choosing the right recording tools (software vs. hardware)
  • Organizing your content
  • Setting up your presentation computer
  • Selecting a microphone for recording
  • Using a pro camera via Thunderbolt or USBC
  • Optimizing slides for a webinar
  • Holding a rehearsal event
Creating Animations for Email & Social Media
Speaker: Chris Converse

In 2019, email marketing outperformed social media, search, news and corporate intranets combined. The good news is that marketers are looking for attractive, animated content for their marketing campaigns. The bad news, this means Animated GIFs and file size restrictions. Email animations can be very frustrating to create, and their simplicity is deceptive. Creating small, looping animations animations with limited file size can leave you feeling helpless. Learn techniques that you can use in After Effects, and Photoshop, and beyond, to create compelling animations that leverage your work against the limitations of this popular medium.
Concrete skills and take-aways:

  • Understand why Email limitations exist
  • Learn techniques for creating small looping animations in After Effects
  • Optimizing Animated GIFs with Photoshop
  • Explore 3rd party compression options
Podcasting Essentials

Podcasting is more popular than ever and has become a full-fledged media platform for large and small companies as well as small businesses and solopreneurs. Deciding on a podcast topic is the easy part, the hard part is putting it all together into a professional and repeatable workflow. This is the part that frustrates many people and leads to their podcasting dreams ending in nightmares. In this session veteran podcast professional Frederick Van Johnson will talk you through an overview of the podcasting industry, including which equipment to purchase and how to set it up, and how to effortlessly (mostly) produce an outstanding show week after week, or even daily.

Why Blogging Works (and How to Succeed)
Speaker: Kevin Ames
This course explains the strategies for building an effective, successful blogging effort. It explores types of blogs and what they do and how to use them in your business — confidence building blogs, experiential blogs and tutorial or how-to blogs. Simply, blogging works by giving clients or potential clients assurance that the production team they are considering have the expertise to accomplish the project with minimal risk along with the personality that assures them the project will be fun. 
Legal Essentials When Launching a Creative Business
Speaker: Seth Polansky

If you’ve ever thought about launching your own company, and even if you have already done so, this seminar is for you. Veteran attorney Seth C. Polansky will guide you through the legal and business steps you should consider when launching a company. The course will cover a) entity choice (LLC, Inc, etc…), b) jurisdiction of formation (DE, your home state, etc…), c) how to deal with business partners and investors, d) state and federal taxation issues, and e) certain contracts and agreements. The course is designed to be interactive, welcoming of your comments and questions, and will provide significant time for Q&A.

Day 2 Sessions

Video Compression - Better Looking Encodes and Save Time with Automation
Speaker: Jeff Greenberg

Be smart about video compression! Get the best looking video online or with direct to the client distribution by knowing what you should (and shouldn’t) adjust. This software agnostic session will cover the key compression basics, go over which file format and codec are best for both targets. You’ll come out with concrete methods of smart distribution – including some of the killer tools out there, ways to automate and go faster and how to best add key metadata.

Jeff I. Greenberg, a Master Instructor, encourages lots of Q&A during the session.

Capturing High Quality VO / ADR with Remote Talent
Speaker: Cody Cloe

Streaming isn’t just for Netflix watchers, gamers and beauty vloggers anymore. There’s no doubt current conditions have highlighted how essential better tools and workflow options have become overnight as we adjust to new paradigms and working from home indefinitely. The question is, have you adapted your workflow to stay relevant in this rapidly changing world? 

In this session we will explore some of the best new methods of capturing high quality audio and video in real time, with low latency while working with remote talent. Practice ultimate social distancing with superior quality results. 

Why Email Marketing Still Matters for Engaging Your Audience
Speaker: Rod Harlan
Email is an essential tool for attracting and retaining an audience. With the majority of consumers preferring email over other forms of marketing, it provides a professional and direct medium that allows businesses to reach out to their leads and current customers. In this class veteran NAB instructor Rod Harlan, we’ll take an in-depth look at list building and the benefits of using email marketing for your business. From promotions to loyalty programs to sales funnels, we’ll explore ways to make the most of your marketing budget to engage your audience and maximize your ROI.

Concrete skills and takeaways:
  • How to build a quality email list that converts
  • How to be CAN-SPAM Act compliant
  • How to optimize your time and budget
  • Coverage of tools and resources
Put It in Writing: Contracts for Creatives
Speaker: Seth Polansky

How to read, understand, and issue spot contracts. Great for business owners.

How I Won My EMMYs: Have a Story and Tell it Well
EMMY-Worthy programs come in all shapes and sizes, but the top productions have traits and touchstones that win their producer that statue. This presentation looks at what goes into a winning production from a Producer who’s judged, been judged and won. The session will touch on the importance of sticking to what you know or, “Time in Type”, the role of collaboration, and why the story is key in everything piece you do. We’ll look at ways to get your work submitted and how to increase your nomination chances on your way to that great big win.
Topics discussed:
  • The EMMY submission and nomination process.
  • Your client’s role and how to foster the relationship.
  • Keys to good storytelling and the important role it plays.
  • The function of effective collaboration and how to nurture it.
Finding Creativity: Push Yourself to New Heights
Speaker: Ian Robinson

In this session, we’ll discuss what it means to be creative during these trying times. Of course we’ll start with a look at some idyllic examples, then break things down into realistic steps you can use to integrate into daily life. Learn how to manage stress, explore new techniques and tools outside the office, and be more productive. Being creative is quite a journey, come join the adventure and push yourself to new heights.

What the “F?” Finding Your Formula for Business Success
Sarah Cortez and Rhea Allen deliver a high-energy breakout session to help business people find their formula for success in sales — and have fun along the way. This presentation will have you laughing while learning how to develop a formula to hit numbers based on goals and desired annual income. You will also learn about the age old sales velocity formula and how to apply it in your career. Attendees will walk away with:
  • Access to a FREE website that calculates sales velocity AND monthly and weekly closings needed to reach goals and desired annual income.
  • The F* Files worksheet that walks you step by step through how to track and calculate the numbers in the sales velocity formula to accomplish your goals.
  • The Triple F* Ect mindset tool to keep you focused each day.
  • A valid business reason for why people should do business with you.
  • Clarity on your personal brand and the impact it has on your business.

After attending this session you will have all you need to achieve your sales goals and desired annual income.
How to Host a Podcast or Web Show

Podcasting and streaming web shows are more important than ever before. Creating a professional and repeatable workflow is essential. Most people must operate their shows as “solo operations” meaning they are both the talent AND the production crew. This can lead to a substandard experience for the viewers (and lost subscribers) when things go wrong… which they will. Creating a show plan, and having automated processes for booking and production take much of the pain and nervousness out of the dreaded “go live” moment. Veteran podcaster and YouTuber Frederick Van Johnson will show you some simple ways to create an amazing show, that takes away the “heavy lifting” so that you can focus on looking great on camera while creating useful content for your audience.

Budgeting Video Projects
Budgets keep video productions in line and on time. But how do you estimate costs when you’re just starting out—or planning a shoot in a new location? Rich Harrington has almost 30 years of experience in video, many of them consulting for clients who needed detailed proposals and budgets to move forward. In this course, he explains the nuts and bolts of budgeting for video production. Learn how to develop professional budgets, quotes, and proposals, and then transform those estimates into invoices. Plus, learn how to split projects with contractors, set payment terms, and make sure the bill is delivered and you get paid.

Learning objectives:
  • Evaluating outsourcing and partnering options
  • Setting your rates
  • Incorporating material and overhead costs
  • Scoping the project
  • Estimating the production time
  • Collecting data with time tracking
  • Creating a quote or proposal
  • Setting payment terms
  • Creating an invoice
  • Dealing with billing and collections
Advanced Techniques in Creating Cinemagraphs
Speaker: Chris Converse
Combine video with photographs to create a mesmerizing experience for your brand. We’ll explore looping techniques in After Effects, including particle systems, stabilizing video, and creating sophisticated effects to help bring static photos to life. What’s more, we’ll use masking techniques in both Photoshop and After Effects to combine video elements into static photos. Come explore some of the amazing animations to be created in this medium, and learn how to do it yourself.

Concrete skills and take-aways:
  • Creating composites with Photoshop
  • Stabilize video for use in a cinemagraph
  • Simulating natural motion with After Effects
  • Combine video-based assets with photos
Running Successful Facebook Live Events
Join us on location as Rich Harrington walks through the necessary steps to ensure that you run a successful Facebook Live event and avoid technical hiccups.   You’ll learn how to produce and direct live events on Facebook.  You’ll know all the benefits of Facebook Live, as well as how to schedule and promote a Facebook Live event.  You’ll see techncial workflows from minimal gear to multicamera setups.
Topics include:
  • The many different ways to go live
  • Scheduling your Facebook Live event
  • Boosting an event with sponsored posts
  • Using Facebook Live from a phone or tablet
  • Using Facebook Live with a web browser and computer
  • Using multiple cameras with Facebook Live
  • Strategies for after the event
Unwrapping UVs in Cinema 4D S22

UV Unwrapping is an essential workflow in every 3D pipeline, and is very often misunderstood as a “difficult” process. The introduction of the new and improved UV tools in Cinema 4D S22, allow for a much simpler and streamlined workflow.

In this session, I will start by giving you a quick introduction to UVs, and then show how to use these new tools to create perfect UV configurations. Whether you are a seasoned 3D artist or just starting in 3D, this session has plenty to offer.

Day 3 Sessions

Closed and Open Caption Workflows
Speaker: Jeff Greenberg
20% of your potential audience is hearing impaired. Reach that audience. Learn the key concepts of caption workflows in this dynamic session. Get your key questions answered. While the presenter will be focusing on the Adobe workflow, he’s just as skilled in using Avid, FCPX or DaVinci Resolve to help educate around your caption needs/usages. Ideal for everyone who wants to make sure everyone has access to their content.
Understanding Intellectual Property and Fair Use
Speaker: Seth Polansky

​What is intellectual property, trademark, copyright, and fair use? How to issue spot, and ensure you are protected.

Creative Uses for HTML5 Videos on Websites
Speaker: Chris Converse
“Video on the web” can be so much more than just playing video. Not only can you watch videos, but your videos can trigger other actions within a web page, or be controlled by other elements. With in-depth web browser support for video, the possibilities for this medium can extend into a site’s design, be applied to interactive projects, or provide additional information about what’s currently being viewed. Explore the possibilities for incorporating video into your site’s design and user experience.
Concrete skills and take-aways:
  • Background video for a web page
  • Controlling video with JavaScript
  • Triggering content from a video
  • Using video as a design element
  • Live compositing of video, graphics and HTML</li?
BTS for Social Media: Telling a Story Behind the Scenes
User-generated content is a critical tool for social platforms and video storytelling. But how do you take better photos and video that actually communicates a story and propels your brand? Learn the 3 keys to shooting BTS. Discover handy tools and apps that make posting BTS easier. And develop strategies for communicating to other team members how to acquire useful BTS content.
Passion to Profits
Speaker: Darley Newman
From identifying your passion to carving out your niche, hear real world war stories and strategies on the challenges, rewards and tools needed to build your own series, brand or creative company. Emmy Award-nominated TV host and entrepreneur Darley Newman shares how she took an offbeat concept to market, built her own personal brand and grew and monetized businesses on multiple platforms. She’ll also share insider’s insights she’s learned from other entrepreneurs over the decade she’s interviewed them on her global travels for her PBS and Amazon Prime series.
Intro to On-Set HDR Monitoring
Speaker: Geoff Smith

This course will demystify the process of monitoring live camera signals while shooting on projects where an HDR finish (HLG, HDR10/10+ or Dolby Vision) is required.

Many of today’s latest cameras offer recording in HDR color space, as well as various output capabilities for on-set monitoring. This class covers each of the digital cinema cameras’ HDR abilities, as well as the monitors that are available for viewing the signal properly.

While shooting with an HDR finish in mind offers greater flexibility in post, you need to learn how to monitor and expose your signal properly. Intro to HDR on set will take you through this process, with both artistic and technical implications in mind.

A Crash Course on Video Streaming
Speaker: Doug Daulton
First, cameras democratized filmmaking. Now, smartphones are redefining the meaning of a “broadcast” and” small screen. Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Twitch and Tiktok… all have emerged as the platforms for media distribution and consumption in the 21st century. This session will cover the tools, services and market opportunities presented live video streaming, which provides everyone with the ability to become a broadcaster and puts those broadcasts in your pocket.
What Will Our World Be Like in 10 Years?
Speaker: Maxim Jago

We are living in an era of unprecedented change – scientific progress is accelerating; and we are at an important tipping point–one where it is no longer possible for any single person to have a grasp of all the latest developments in any major industry.

As we move toward a fully connected, interdependent world, and while learning to adapt to our post-pandemic world, countless creatives are finding new tools and approaches to their processes.

Join Maxim Jago for this deep dive into some of the key trends that will be increasingly important over the next ten years, including:

  • The creative tools of tomorrow, from XR to live theatre
  • Individual and collective identity in a trending society
  • Humancentric technology that helps without hindering
  • Approaches to collaboration that serve our truest needs
  • The impact of A.I. and artificial persons

This promises to be a fascinating exploration of many challenges we face today, and their solutions tomorrow.

Social Media Marketing Trends and Wins
Speaker: Rhea Allen

With all the different social media platforms out there, this class will help you understand what social media platform to use and for what purpose and when to use them. Understand how different platforms have unique trends and how you can provide the right kind of content to elevate your brand and business. Also tips on optimizing video, imaging, and other creative content that will make a meaningful impact for your audience.

  • We will perform a social media marketing audit! Review your platforms, what’s working and what’s not–learn what to stop, start and keep doing!
  • Come prepared to find your personal branding statement by rethinking how you and others view your brand online.
  • Identify your brand voice, your brand goals, the value of who you are on social media and what you represent to allow your brand to find success on social media.
  • Learn about tools to help you identify how to attract and retain the right audience for your brand to and how to cultivate, engage and empathize with your audience.
  • Learn more best practices, content ideas and how to track your results!

Join early adopter, social media marketer, adjunct-professor, marketing coach, and keynote speaker Rhea Allen as she provides this class based on her 16 years of experience as a President and CEO of an award-winning creative and digital marketing/ ad agency, Peppershock Media that’s performed professional marketing and creative services for fortune none to Fortune 100 companies all over the world. She will provide an authentic and supportive atmosphere in which learners are encouraged to deeply reveal themselves in order to manifest a truly meaningful personal brand that effectively communicates their core values, principles and professional superpowers and in this case, all on social media! She is the host of the Marketing Expedition Podcast and not only the Co-founder of Peppershock Media, but also the founder of the Marketing Expedition Community, an on-line subscription-based platform where members gain invaluable insights, the latest trends in marketing, forums, ideas, information and inspiration for building brands and bottom lines. She has a distinct style in which she provides encouragement, coaching, and feedback. She tends to promote a supportive environment and facilitates the creative process for all walks of life while participants pursue their goals of successful branding.

Setting up a Simple Home Studio

There are many directions you can take when making the decision to stream professionally online. And just a few short years ago, the price tags associated with producing a repeatable and reliable show was simply out of reach for most people. Today, it’s a different story. The tools available are incredibly inexpensive compared to their yesteryear counterparts, and frankly are superior in many ways. You can still spend a ton of money building a CNN or BBC style studio in your home. But if you can’t, or don’t want to go that route, you can achieve the same quality with very little money. In this session veteran podcasting professional Frederick Van Johnson will walk you through how you can create an amazing and simple home studio — on the cheap. You’ll learn about lighting, cameras, and audio solutions that when combined will allow you to create and stream amazing looking content. As a bonus, you’ll also be the envy of your next Zoom call!