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Day 1 Sessions

Final Cut Pro X Quickstart
Led by Abba Shapiro
Speaker - Abba Shapiro
This session is for creators who are familiar with the video editing process, as well as editors currently using other editing software who are interested in adding FCPX to their skill set. If you are brand new to video editing, you will learn how to use FCPX, but there will be an assumed knowledge of terms and workflows in the video production process. 
Areas covered will include:
  • Importing media
  • Editing Basics
  • Working with Audio
  • Titles, Transitions, and Effects
  • Color correction
  • Sharing a finished video
Audience: Anyone curious about how to use FCPX, Self taught FCPX editors looking to fill in missing parts of their knowledge of FCPX.  Editors using other NLEs wanting to familiarize themselves with the Final Cut Pro X workflow
Ask the Experts - Post Production From Home
Speaker - Justine Ezarik
Speaker - Michael Cioni
Speaker - Brad Jones
Speaker - Jeff Fortune

Join a panel of industry experts who will share their thoughts and leading practices for professional post production with a work-from-home team. How to leverage the Apple ecosystem for filmmakers to facilitate remote editing and finishing, and what changes may persist when the current situation passes? Note there is also an opportunity in this session to ask the experts any general questions you might have about Apple products for filmmakers.

The Making of Elton John’s “Love Me Again”
Led by Kii Arens
Speaker - Kii Arenas

Learn how a leading creator creates beautiful high profile music videos including Oscar winner “Love Me Again” by Elton John.

Image stills Elton John - (I'm Gonna) Love Me Again video
Motion Graphics MasterClass – Templates

Learn how to create stunning Motion Templates for titles, effects and transitions and deploy them in Final Cut Pro X.

Kin Media Case Study
Speaker: Brad Jones
Speaker - Brad Jones

Learn how a leading creator of YouTube lifestyle content reaching 5 million subscribers daily, gets content & makes high quality content quickly & inexpensively.

Blockbuster Productions on an Indie Budget

Learn how the team behind successful indie comedy “Faith Based” shot on 2 8K RED Monstro cameras and encoded dailies on set and had them ready to review same-day on an iPhone — all on a decidedly small indie budget.

Mobile Post Production
Speaker: PhotoJoseph
Speaker - PhotoJoseph

Editing and color correction on an iPad. Learn how to import your projects into Final Cut Pro X for color correction and finishing.

Playing Through - Multi-Platform Video Creation for the LPGA
Speaker: Jeff Fortune and Brad Boyd
Speaker - Jeff Fortune
Speaker - Brad Boyd

See how content producers at the Ladies Professional Golf Association are using Final Cut Pro X to deliver long form and short, quick turnaround video to multiple platforms. Learn how the LPGA uses custom Motion Templates to make their post production workflow efficient while also delivering high quality, polished content.

Making Music in Final Cut Pro X
Speaker: Michael Cioni
Speaker - Michael Cioni

Final Cut Pro X has some of the most powerful audio tools of any NLE. Explore unique audio capabilities in this musical step-by-step process demonstrating a completely new way to improve your sound capturing, filtering, and mixing skills.

Building a Large Social Footprint with Video
Speaker: Ryan Walker
Speaker - Ryan Walker

Learn how to optimize content for social platforms, leveraging budget for influencer marketing and giveaways and using all the great Apple software and hardware for video.

Day 2 Sessions

Editing and Mixing in FCPX
Speaker: Abba Shapiro
Speaker - Abba Shapiro
FCPX has redesigned the way editors work with sound when cutting, refining, and exporting a video.  This session will cover the basics of working with audio in FCPX, including best practices for expanding vs detaching audio, creating split edits, adjusting and keyframing clip volume, audio repair and sweetening, and how to used Roles and Audio Lanes to enhance your editing workflow.
Areas covered will include:
  • Setting up a FCPX audio workspace
  • Fast audio fixes
  • Best keyboard shortcuts for audio editing
  • Assigning and leveraging Roles
  • Using FCPX’s native audio tools to enhance and repair audio
Audience: Attendees should have a basic understanding of editing in Final Cut Pro X.
Mastering Color in FCPX
Speaker: Abba Shapiro
Speaker - Abba Shapiro
This session will cover the basics of color correction in Final Cut Pro X.  Including; Using Video Scopes, Applying Automatic Color Adjustments, Using the Color Board, Understanding Shot Matching, Matching Clips Automatically, Matching Clips Manually, working with skin tones, leveraging vignettes and power windows, and creating stylized looks. 
Attendees will learn
    • How to read video scopes to better judge and correct your video.
    • How to perform basic corrections such as improving color balance, contrast, and the dynamic range of your video clips. 
    • Understand how to use the Balance Color and Match Color tools
    • The differences between the  Color board, Color Wheels, Color Curves, and Hue/Saturation Curves ,,,and how to leverage their power.
    • How to apply and work with LUTs – LookUp Tables – to quickly balance Log footage
    • How to create and save custom color corrections and effects
Audience: Attendees should have a basic understanding of editing in Final Cut Pro X.
Ask the Experts - Video Education in a Stay at Home World
Moderated by Sam Mestman with Steve Douglass & Ross Kallen
Speaker - Sam Mestman
Speaker - Ross Kallen
Speaker - Steve Douglass

Join a panel of industry experts to discuss how distance education is shaping strategies for video education. What are the long term implications now that video literacy is important for all educators, not just film students? Note there is also an opportunity in this session to ask the experts any general questions you might have about Apple products for filmmakers.

The Making of's "Workflow From Home"
Speaker: Michael Cioni
Speaker - Michael Cioni

When it comes to cloud based workflows, the key for editors is having direct access between an NLE and cloud assets. Go behind the scenes with the popular web series and see how this completely cloud-based series utilizes Final Cut Pro X as the central tool for remote editorial collaboration.

Motion Graphics MasterClass - 3D Models in Mo2

Learn how to work with 3D Models in Motion using MotionVFX’s m02 plugin.

Using Apple Pro Video Apps in Live Streaming
Speaker: Alex Lindsay
Speaker - Alex Lindsay

Learn how to make professional live streams from lighting, to cameras, to switching choices and using Motion for titles and graphics.

Accessibility - The power and importance of Captioning
Speaker: Storm Smith
Speaker - Storm Smith

Learn how important captioning is to accessing the broadest possible audience for your content — and how easy it is to do!

How to work with ProRes RAW

Speaker: Lee Herbet

Speaker - Lee Herbert

Learn how to work with ProRes RAW including shooting considerations, RAW to Log workflows, considerations for SDR vs HDR, color correction and delivery.

iPhone videography for Professionals
Led by: We Make Movies
Speaker - Aubrey Mozino

The iPhone is not just for family video — with the right tools and training you can turn it into a high level pro camera that’s amazingly versatile and affordable – come learn how its done.

Reflecting on lessons learned during Chicago Summer Stories and how you can benefit from what we figured out
Speaker: Steve Douglass
Speaker - Steve Douglass
Steve Douglass' Chicago summer stories

Capturing our experience authentically is essential now more than ever. We all believe in storytelling and wish we could have started creating earlier. Apple is bringing students together from around Chicago to learn the video storytelling process experientially, and as a result, learned so much more. See their dynamic, authentic video reflections, their professional-level work and use the same personal video reflection process to showNtell your unique story.

State of the Art in Video Education
Speaker: Ross Kallen
Speaker - Ross Kallen

How to teach video to high school students when they have to work from home. Ross dispenses practical advices on how to leverage the Apple ecosystem to teach kids how to make great videos while learning remotely.