Adobe Certified Professional Prep Course and Exam

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Become an Adobe Certified Professional and Distinguish Yourself

Adobe Certified Professional, Premiere Pro
Adobe Certified Professional, After Effects

The Adobe Certification is an industry-recognized credential that effectively validates one’s expertise in Adobe Premiere Pro and/or After Effects.

Those who possess an Adobe Certified Professional badge can confidently prove that they have the skills and knowledge to meet the demands of today’s multi-faceted content creation.

Whether you are a freelancer, staff creator or an organization looking for qualified video creators, becoming an Adobe Certified Professional can make a difference.

Be Part of an Exclusive Program

For the next year, the Adobe Certified Professional exam for both Premiere Pro and After Effects will be only available through an exclusive partnership with Future Media Concepts (FMC), an Adobe Authorized Training provider. If you wish to become an Adobe Certified Professional, you will have access to the ACP program before the entire program is released, set to be rolled out in the Summer of 2021.

At Post|Production World Online, you’ll have exclusive, early access to get the updated certificates and badges for Premiere Pro and After Effects before it’s official release to the public. For an additional cost, Adobe is offering early access to those who take the exam through P|PW Online. What’s more, you’ll get comprehensive, detailed, seven-hour Exam Prep Courses for each track that will fully prepare you to ace the exams. These prep sessions will be taught by Certified Instructors and experienced, creative professionals.

Everything You Need to Know About Preparing For and Taking the Exam

Both Adobe Certification Prep Courses are included in your full Post|Production World In-Person Pass. For access to the certification prep courses at Post|Production World, register here.

The Adobe Certification Exams are also available as a separate add-on and are not included in your Post|Production World In-Person Pass. 

While all five days of Post|Production World will be jam-packed with detailed training sessions that will greatly sharpen your Premiere Pro and After Effects skills, the Certification Prep Class is designed specifically for those interested in taking the Adobe Certified Professional exams at a later date. The prep courses will take place on the following dates: 


Premiere Pro Prep Course – Wednesday April 27, 2022

After Effects Prep Course – Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Both Prep Courses include a 1 hour lunch break

If you have chosen to take the Adobe Certification Exam as an add-on, you will be contacted by our staff 1 week after the conclusion of the conference.

For more information, contact Jordan Belmont at 

Ready to Become an Adobe Certified Professional?


When will I take the exam?

The exam will NOT be taken during the prep course at Post|Production World.

Attendees will be emailed 1 week after the conference to sign up for their exam date. Dates are available each month. We recommend completing the exam before Summer 2022.

Separate Registration is required for the Exam Voucher. You may select the Exam as an add-on while registering for P|PW.

What if I fail the exam?

If you fail, the exam, you can retake the exam as many times as you need!

Fees for additional exam tries are not covered with your P|PW registration. You may register for a retake here.

I’ve booked an add-on exam and I’m going to be contacted by Future Media Concepts (FMC), what exactly is FMC?

Future Media Concepts is an authorized training facility that conducts online and in-person training on various types of software. We offer certification as well. You will sign up to take the exam virtually through FMC and they’ll walk you through the whole process!

I became an Adobe Certified Associate in 2019. Do I need to retake the exam to become an Adobe Certified Professional?

If you have taken the exam in 2019, your certification lasts for two years. You do not need to retake the exam. The Adobe Certified Professional exam is the same exam as the Adobe Certified Associate exam. If you passed the Adobe Certified Associate in 2019, you will be due for a recertification in 2021. 

Do you offer recordings of this prep class or additional prep class times?

Yes, class recordings are available for purchase as an add-on item with your P|PW registration.

Only the LIVE, Adobe certification prep courses are included in the Full P|PW pass.

I am an Adobe Certified Associate; I got my certification in 2020. Do I need to retake the exam to become an Adobe Certified Professional?

If you have taken the exam in 2020, you do not need to retake the exam. The Adobe Certified Professional exam is the same exam as the Adobe Certified Associate exam. If you have passed the Adobe Certified Associate in 2020, you do not need to be recertified to become an Adobe Certified Professional. In the Summer of 2021, your Adobe Certified Associate certification will automatically revert to the Adobe Certified Professional certification. But, it will take a year for this to happen, due to government mandates currently in place.